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Zmod 1430-125|雙通道 14位元 ADC模組|SYZYGY 介面

The Digilent Zmod Digitizer is a SYZYGY™ compatible module containing a dual-channel ADC and the associated front end. The Zmod Digitizer is intended to be used with any SYZYGY™ compatible carrier board having the required capabilities.

When coupled to a base board using the SYZYGY™ expansion, like the Eclypse Z7 or Genesys ZU, the combination will serve as a powerful prototyping platform for instrumentation, high-speed control, and SDR. By utilizing these expansion capabilities, users can spend more time on the analytical and system-level aspects of the solution rather than having to focus on the component-level interactions of the devices.

The Zmod Digitizer module is a variant of the similar Zmod Scope module but optimized for RF signal acquisition and frequency-domain analysis. The simpler DC-coupled input and 60 MHz anti-aliasing input filter improves immunity to stray RF radiation and the versatile and very low-jitter on-board clock generator enables acquisition at key rates, including 122.8 MHz often used in SDR applications.



Features/Version 1430-125
ADC AD9648BCPZ-125
Input Channels 2
Input Range ±1 V
Resolution [bits] 14 bits
Absolute Resolution 0.13 mV
Accuracy [% of Input Range] 1) ±0.5%
Sample Rate - Max [MS/s] 125 MS/s
Analog Bandwidth @ 3 dB 60 MHz
Analog Bandwidth @ 0.5 dB 20 MHz
Analog Bandwidth @ 0.1 dB MHz
Input Impedance [MΩ] 1 MΩ || 5 pF


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