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802.11 MAC/PHY Design

Fully programmable 802.11 MAC/PHY stack for Xilinx FPGAs

關於 802.11 MAC / PHY Design

Fully programmable 802.11 MAC/PHY stack for Xilinx FPGAs

The Mango Communications 802.11 MAC/PHY stack implements a high-performance, real-time 802.11 MAC and PHY in Xilinx FPGAs. The design interoperates with standard Wi-Fi devices. Our MAC and PHY implementations are perfect starting points for prototyping extensions to the 802.11 standard, researching custom wireless waveforms, and evaluating custom MAC protocols in real time.

產品組合 Products

Design Idea


The 802.11 MAC/PHY stack is built on multiple FPGA IP cores. These cores are packaged as Vivado IP Cores and can be instantiated in any supported Vivado design flow. Our Reference FPGA Design instantiates these cores in a Vivado IPI block diagram.
Design Idea

FPGA Design

Our reference FPGA Design integrates our 802.11 IP cores, MicroBlaze CPUs and peripheral interfaces. The FPGA Design is ready for immediate use on reference hardware platforms. The design can also be ported to custom hardware.
Design Idea

MAC Software

Our 802.11 stack provides a fully programmable MAC. All MAC behaviors are implemented in bare-metal C running in MicroBlaze CPUs in the FPGA fabric. This architecture provides full flexibility throughout the MAC with rapid, software-only iteration on MAC protocol changes.

硬體平台 Hardware Platforms

Our 802.11 MAC/PHY Design is built in Xilinx Vivado and can be used in any Xilinx device supported by Vivado. We provide reference implementations on two hardware platforms:

  • National Instruments USRP E320
  • Analog Devices ADRV9361

銷售方案 License Options

802.11 MAC/PHY 設計適合各種應用,可配合客戶產生不同的需求方案。方案種類、版權類別與價格將依照下列項目決定: 

License Types

Design Idea


  • Use and extend source code
  • Embed compiled design in products
Design Idea


  • Use and extend source code
  • Licensed to single site
  • Use for non-profit teaching and research
  • No re-distribution
Design Idea


  • Tailor license terms for a specific application
  • Discuss your requirements

License Tiers 

Design Idea
  • SDK workspace with full MAC C source code
  • Use on supported reference hardware
Design Idea
  • Includes MAC Software source
  • Vivado project with IPI design
  • Includes source for utility IP cores
  • PHY IP cores delivered as netlists
  • Target reference or custom hardware
Design Idea
  • Includes MAC Software and FPGA Design sources
  • Adds source models for PHY IP cores
  • Customize and extend Tx/Rx PHY designs


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