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TEI0001 Series|MAX1000|Intel MAX 10

TEI0001 Series-Arduino MKR Standard 2.5 x 6.15 cm

The new FPGA IoT Maker Board that has been designed for end-to-end application development and optimised for cost. The Arrow MAX1000 board can be installed directly into a custom application or integrated on to a completely separate board. It has been created for start-ups, universities or established equipment manufacturers who want a flexible, low cost FPGA platform for development. Also customised variants can be supplied.

At the heart of the maker board is a compact (11x11mm) Intel MAX 10 FPGA with 8000 logic elements. This single chip includes integrated flash memory, a 1Msps 12bit ADC for analogue signals and a 3.3V power supply. Other features include embedded SRAM, DSP blocks, instant-on within milliseconds, and the ability to implement Intel’s NIOS II soft core embedded processor to perform microcontroller tasks.

The MAX1000’s power can be supplied as 5V from the USB port or via a separate pin. An Enpirion DC/DC converter with integrated coil then generates the 3.3V supply used on board. A MEMS oscillator provides the clock supply for the FPGA and the USB bridge. The low power, 3-axis acceleration sensor – also based on MEMS technology – can be used for position and motion detection, which are often required in IoT applications. External SDRAM can be used for storage of application data or as memory for the NIOS II processor.

To provide an easy introduction into the use of FPGAs, a series of demo projects with NIOS II soft IP controllers are provided with the MAX1000. Eight configurable LEDs are available to display status and user inputs can be made via two buttons. A two row connector, based on the Arduino MKR standard, and a Pmod plug provide flexible connectivity options including the ability to attach adaptor boards for wireless ICs or sensors.


Key Features

MAX 10 16 kLE  16 kLE 2-16 kLE
- Flash dual inside dual inside  single/dual
- ADC 8x 12Bit 8x 12Bit  opt. 8x 12Bit
- Temperature range 0 - 85°C 0 -85°C -40- 125°C
- Supply USB/pins USB/pins USB/pins
SDRAM 8 MB 32 MB  8 MB-64 MB
3-Axis MEMS LIS3DH LIS3DH others
USB-Programmer on board on board  on board/JTAG
MEMS-Oszillator 12MHz 12MHz all frequencies
Switch/LED: 2x / 8x  2x / 8x optional
Pmod/Headers no no  optional


Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x TEI0001-03-16-C8A Trenz Electronic FPGA module with Intel MAX 10, 16 kLE
  • User manual
20171115 04


TEI0001-03-16-C8A:MAX1000 -IoT Maker Board 16 kLE, 32 MByte SDRAM

TEI0001-03-08-C8:MAX1000 - IoT Maker Board, 8kLE, 8 MByte RAM

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