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Fixed Point FFT

Abaco Systems' fixed point FFT cores are the most efficient and fastest available in the FPGA world.
With a revolutionary architecture for efficient memory usage and balanced use of arithmetic and logic
resources, we offer complete FFT solutions with any input resolution up to 2Gsps.

Floating Point FFT

Abaco Systems' Floating Point FFT core is the most flexible IEEE-754 compliant FFT core available
in the FPGA world.

FPGA DSP board support package FPGA DSP Board Support Package

The BSP comes with three main components to get your FPGA design off the ground as quickly as
possible: host tools, FPGA tools and diagnostic tools.


Abaco Systems' Serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP) IP core for FPGAs is based on the ANSI/VITA
17.1-2003 standard. The 4DSP sFPDP IP core is a serial communication protocol designed to provide
low latency and high transfer rates.

Wideband Digital Down Converter

A Digital Down Converter performs channel access functions in digital receivers. It is used for extracting
a channel (frequency band) of interest in a wideband signal. Abaco Systems' wideband DDC core employs
a quad DDC architecture to achieve ultra high performances.



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