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LXD20K0 │ 12 位元低延遲寬頻 DAC │ 電子戰 雷達應用 DRFM 醫療 電信應用


  • Electronic Warfare systems
  • Radar waveform generators and receivers
  • Advanced digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) systems
  • Medical systems
  • Telecommunicaton systems

以5.4 Gsps 解析度進行 12 位元解析度的低延遲數據擷取

With the LXD20K0 Logic-X provides a unique analog interface product that is based on the 12-bits low latency wide bandwidth DAC (EV12DS460) from Teledyne E2V. Multi card synchronization is supported thanks to a flexible clock tree and external synchronization trigger input.


The analog output offers a lowe latency (1.2 ns) from FPGA to RF using the EV12DS480 DAC device from E2V. The product has an output bandwidth from 0.5MHz to 6GHz. The instantaneous output bandwidth is up-to 1.35 GHz. Thanks to the unique operating modes of the EV12DS460 it is possible to place the signal into the higher Nyquist bands.


The DAC offers a 12-bits resolution further contributing to achieve best in class signal to noise ratios.


It is possible to achieve a very low latency from the RF input to the RF output because of the LVDS connectvity to the host carrier. This can be less than 18 ns, depending on the carrier that is used.


The onboard low noise clock generator ensures easy integraton into small single channel systems as well as standalone operaton. For larger systems it is possible to directly provide the sample clock to the front panel SSMC connector or to synchronize the local clock generator to an external reference clock.


Number of analog input channels:1
Number of analog output channels:1
Front panel IO connector type:SSMC/ MMCX
Front panel IO type:DAC
Form Factor:FMC - High pin count (HPC)

Analog input specification

Input coupling:AC coupling 
Input maximum sample rate:310 Msps
Input number of bits:16 bits resolution 
Impedance:50 Ω 
Input bandwidth AC coupled:0.5 MHz - 4.8 MHz
Input AC full scale power:+ 8.5 dBm

Analog output specification

Output coupling:AC coupled
Output maximum sample rate:2.7 Gsps (5.4 GHz update rate)
Output number of bits:16 bits resolution
Impedance:50 Ω
Output impedance AC coupled:0.5 MHz - 6 GHz
Output AC full scale power:-5 dBm (NRZ mode)

Legislation and Environmental 

Supported operating temperature (2選1):Commercial (0°C ~ 70°C) / Industrial (-40°C ~ 85°C) 
Ruggedization:standard Commercial Air-cooled and Rugged Conduction- cooled
ROHS Compliant:Yes - RoHS Phthalates Compliant 
SVHC:Product contains no SVHC
Country of origin:the Netherlands (Europe) (荷蘭製造生產)
ECCN :3A002.h.1.c

Conformal Coating (2選1):No coating / Mil-I-46058-C Confomal Coating

011 yes 128   產品文件:產品規格表


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