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介面板 │ Multi Interface Board

Product Summary

The proFPGA product family is a complete, scalable, and modular multi FPGA Prototyping solution, which fulfills highest needs in the area of FPGA based Prototyping. Because of its modular and scalable system architecture, the user has maximum flexibility and reusability.

Part of this modular and flexible system concept is the proFPGA Multi Interface Board. This daughter board occupies one extension site of the proFPGA system and provides several interfaces and memories to the user like 1x SGPIO connector, I²C subsystem including I²C IDPROM, I²C multiplexer and I²C GPIO expander, 2x MiniUSB UART connectors,1x EJTAG connector, 8 GPIO pins available, 2x DIP sockets, 1x I²C Connector, I²C Fan Control Unit, PMBus 6-channel Power-Supply Manager, PMBus Isolated Power-Supply Controller, 2x I²C EEPROM, 2x 128M SPI Flash, 8 RGB LEDs and one proFPGA Top Connector.

proFPGA Multi Interface Board
proFPGA Connectors

1x proFPGA extension board connector (1 at bottom-side)

  • 1x SGPIO connector
  • 2x MiniUSB UART connectors
  • 1x EJTAG connector
  • 8 GPIO pins available
  • 2x DIP sockets
  • 1x I²C Connector
  • I²C Fan Control Unit
  • PMBus 6-channel Power-Supply Manager
  • PMBus Isolated Power-Supply Controller
  • 2x I²C EEPROM
  • 2x 128M SPI Flash
  • 8 RGB LEDs
  • I²C subsystem including I²C IDPROM, I²C multiplexer and I²C GPIO expander
Product article number PROF065 EB-PDS-INTERFACE-R1
Order Code PROF-A-I-MIF


011 yes 128   產品文件:proFPGA 產品總覽 (EN) 
20171115 04   產品編號:PROF-A-I-MIF



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