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R1028B │ 28GHz, Dual-Polarized Planar Antenna Array


R1028B mmWave front-end module is developed for 5G mmWave high data rate transmission on 28GHz. It not only supports scalable antenna element and high-speed beam switching but also can provide horizontal/vertical (H/V) different beam resolution simultaneously. R1028B is also a commercial product to let user conduct transmission in mmWave band, or further, integrate any baseband chip to develop into 5G mmWave commercial products like 5G NR mmWave CPE and 5G NR mmWave Radio Unit (RU).


  • 5G NR communications
  • Point-to-point communications
  • Point-to-multipoint communication


  • Up/down-converter integrated
  • 2D beamforming with FoV of 120°
  • Dual polarization for two-layer transmission
  • Scalable antenna modular according to applications
  • Programmable beam pattern & adjustable beam width


  • Antenna type: 8x4 or 8x8
  • H/V P1dB EIRP: 47/47dBm for 8x4, 53/53dBm for 8x8
  • TX mode power @12V: 3.60A for 8x4, 5.70A for 8x8
  • RX mode power @12V: 2.55A for 8x4, 3.60A for 8x8
  • Phase/Attenuation bits: 6/5
  • Beam switch duration: 200ns
  • Operation band: 27.50~28.35GHz
  • IF range: 2.5~4.0GHz
  • H/V FoV: 120°
  • Supported bandwidth: 800MHz
  • Noise figure: 5dB Duplexing mode: TDD
  • Size: 15x20x5.5cm 
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